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The cat is more focused than I am

It’s raining today in the Great Pacific Northwest. Nothing unusual about that. It is the good, soft, kind of rain, which inspires me to actually write, to exercise some discipline, to bend my mind and hand to my current WIP instead of finishing the book on … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover? Puleeez….

Really? I know, I know… it’s what is inside that really counts… Honestly though, some book covers are just too much for me. The same goes for titles. especially cutesy ones. I am not going to hurt anyone’s feelings (yet) by … Continue reading

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Super Powers, again? Can we have some quality control please???

This is a question that often comes up around the dining room table. Not that we are geeky or anything. I never change mine. Invisibility is always my choice. Just seems so handy, and versatile too. My younger daughter changes her’s everytime. … Continue reading

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Rainy day spent editing

re-work re-work. Now I need to net work…any ideas? Anyone?? Need a reader for my sci-fi romance. Also an editor, eventually. I have no idea how to go about this…. I’ve checked out critters.org, and hatrack.com not sure if either … Continue reading

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