Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover? Puleeez….

Really? I know, I know… it’s what is inside that really counts…

Honestly though, some book covers are just too much for me. The same goes for titles. especially cutesy ones. I am not going to hurt anyone’s feelings (yet) by actually naming said titles or covers but let it be known that somethings really are too ridiculous/hideous to be put out for public consumption. If a good picture is worth a thousand words a bad picture is equally negative.

Over the past year or so I have learned that often, not always, the author has little say about the cover of the book. I am not certain about the title. These would be books published by established houses, not self published ones.

One of my very favorite authors, Josh Lanyon, has been systematically re-designing the cover of many of his books as the rights revert to him. I can, sadly, say that if I had seen the covers of some of these before I’d read them–wouldn’t have happened. Since he has in the past year pretty much supplanted everyone else on my internal top ten list–I’m glad I didn’t see them until later (I read his work on my kindle and I just must not have noticed the cover ‘art’ when I made my purchase).

Suzanne Brockmann, another favorite of mine has also commented on this on her web site. It seems that one of her early books ‘Get Lucky’ (really?) had such a poorly drawn hero on the cover that she sent out happy face stickers to fans who requested them so they could cover the hero’s face. I’ve seen this cover and it truly is an abomination.

In my opinion, which is forceful but probably means little, the e-publishing world is going to change the face of cover art. The expense of actually printing the book no longer is an issue, so instead of hiring a 3rd grader to do the art work the money can be spent on cover art.

As far as titles go–I am wondering–who gets to choose? Author or publisher? I would assume that has largely stayed within the authors power but one wonders how much newly published authors give up just to get their books out there? There is something to be said for having your book published, but if it isn’t picked up then what is the point?

As far as kitschy titles go…I know this is shallow of me but there are somethings I will not read for love or money–not even on my kindle when no one knows what I am up to.

What worst titles have others come across? How about cover art? Anything you have been told is great but you just can’t get past the title? I’d love to know and it would be fun to see what others think.

About elisethroughthelookingglass

A currently unemployed stay at home mom with the long time dream of writing my own novel. Not the 'Great American Novel', just a fun read. Since I am now the parent of teenagers I have been relegated to the back burner and am tired of waiting for my favorite authors to get their books out. Wish me luck on my trip through the looking glass.
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