Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close–not a 9/11 movie but a study of grief.

EL-IC. Just returned from the theater. Very impressed. I am not a fan of manipulative tear jerkers so I have to say I was apprehensive, of all the ‘best’ nominees this is the one I wanted to see the least. That said….

The movie really isn’t about 9/11, it is about a boy dealing with the death of his father. His father could have died in any manner but in this story he died when the towers fell. The story after that event is a wonderful journey-one which I don’t want to spoil–where the boy (Oscar) works through missing/grieving a very important person in his life.

Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock both do wonderful jobs. I was captivated by the character actors who appeared in this movie. They really made it for me–in some ways more real to me than Tom or Sandra. The young actor, Thomas Horn, was amazing, in no way was his acting forced or syrupy.

The Oscars are big in our house. We make an effort to see all the majors and as many others as we can. On Oscar night we can all be critics (especially of the red carpet). So, I  took my 12 and 14 year old girls with me to see ELIC. They have a very different take since they don’t remember 9/11 but I can say that they both LOVED it. Very impressed with Thomas Horn; and the end, which I can’t tell you :).

The only negative I have is that as far as acting, it wasn’t a stretch for any of the players–but they gave it their all, isn’t that what a great screen play is for?

A solid 4.5 stars, I’d go again. Fine for the younger set. No nightmares. Some difficult topics but I would hope you are already discussing such issues with your children anyway.

Next up? Tintin.


About elisethroughthelookingglass

A currently unemployed stay at home mom with the long time dream of writing my own novel. Not the 'Great American Novel', just a fun read. Since I am now the parent of teenagers I have been relegated to the back burner and am tired of waiting for my favorite authors to get their books out. Wish me luck on my trip through the looking glass.
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3 Responses to Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close–not a 9/11 movie but a study of grief.

  1. Ollin says:

    You know I’m hesitant to watch a 9/11 movie. The only one I watched was the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. I think it’s just too soon. For me at least. I was young when it happened. I was in High School. I was terrified, must of us were. We had absolutely no reference point. We didn’t know a world with war. Just peace. Anyways, so I probably won’t see this film.

    But I did see Moneyball yesterday. I thought it was AMAZING. One of my personal favorites now. What did you think of it. I want it to win Best Screenplay. And The Help Best Picture.

  2. I completely understand! Several friends of mine ‘will never’ see a 9/11 movie. I’m ok with that, everyone needs to move through their feelings about 9/11 in their own way. Most probably don’t want to revisit the fear and harrow they felt that day and for weeks/months after.
    Living on the west coast, it was so unreal. So terrible. My husband was vacationing in Miami, Fl–he took the first flight out (really, the very first flight) and soldiers stationed there said “Good luck Sir” as he boarded the plane. Our girls were only 1 and 3….they don’t remember but I believe they should learn what they can–it has been very interesting talkingto them about it.
    Other than the first 5 minutes or so the movie only fleeting looks at what happened ‘on the worst day’. I haven’t seen Moneyball….yet. Yesterday went and saw “Hugo”…next post 🙂

  3. Aly Hughes says:

    I was in sixth grade when 9/11 happened, and I remember we just sat in our homeroom class watching the news about it. None of us 11-year-old kids knew what to make of what was happening.

    Although I haven’t seen the movie yet, I have just started reading the book it was based on. I’m not very far, but I’m excited to know that the story, and movie, are good!

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