Task avoidance or how this shall not be written

I really like to make lists. I make them a lot.  For instance my list for today has: laundry, grocery store, walk dog, clean bathrooms, pick-up kids, pay bills, start cleaning house for in-laws visit and send important emails.  I usually include writing as well.  Lately I haven’t been writing.

Admittedly I was traveling with my 11 year old daughter for 2 weeks in April.  I blogged a bit about the trip but no ‘writing’ writing.  7 days after we returned I wrote one paragraph and that is it. We are now up to an entire month and I am a mess! 

Today two things happened which I think will change my approach. First, I had this really cool dream last night, I don’t normally describe my dreams because, honestly do you want to hear about all the weird laundry my night-time pysche thinks up? No. But this one was interesting to me because I have really been concerned about why I am not taking the time to write.

The Dream: I was in a large warehouse stuffed to the eaves with crap, or maybe it was just a house, we’d recently moved and for some reason I had to find random things so my girls could go to summer camp.  A customer — this is a dream– came in and asked me to get something for her that was literally at the top of the pile, pressed against the eaves. I had to tell her I couldn’t do it.  This went on for a while until I had this ‘ah hah’ moment when I went outside the building climbed to the top and reached the item from the outside.  This was really liberating because I solved my dream problem (mine aren’t usually solved are yours?). 

I woke up in an exellent mood and I know I can write today and will continue writing, I was worrying too much–I will be able to solve my writing issue–by continuing to write–even if I have to do something else to get there. 

This brings me to the second thing–I realized that I need to let myself write.  I use lists to constrain my day, I think list making needs to be toned down.  I am lucky to have a flexible schedule but sometimes that leads down the road of list making to make my day seem more full. I need to let that go and let myself write.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

If this is at all interesting to you as a writer or reader I also came across 2 blogs today that I added to my favs so I can follow them http://procrastinatingwritersblog.com/2010/04/morning-pages-an-experiment/

and http://writeitsideways.com/take-a-chance-with-your-writing/#more-6638

I realize this has been a ‘me, me, me’ post, oh well… :), I think I will also experiemnt with the morning pages (15 minutes early??) and see where it takes me.

So, check off today’s list: no more list making.

“If my doctor told me I only had 6 minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood, I’d type faster.”

Isaac Asimov

About elisethroughthelookingglass

A currently unemployed stay at home mom with the long time dream of writing my own novel. Not the 'Great American Novel', just a fun read. Since I am now the parent of teenagers I have been relegated to the back burner and am tired of waiting for my favorite authors to get their books out. Wish me luck on my trip through the looking glass.
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